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  • Asymptomatic carotid stenosis I: update on randomized clinical trials
  • Asymptomatic carotid stenosis II: natural history and medical therapy
  • Hot topics in carotid interventions
  • Carotid Stenosis Trialists Collaboration (CSTC) session
  • New technologies to assess hemodynamic insufficiency and to prevent CAS-related microembolism
  • Modern treatment of large artery ischemic strokes
  • Advances in carotid ülaque imaging



  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analyses for aortic diseases
  • Molecular, genetic and mechanistic factors in aortic diseases
  • Repair of the ascending aorta and the aortic arch
  • Advances in EVAR and open rapair for complex aneurysms and dissections
  • Spinal cord protection in aortic surgery - evolving concepts to minimize the risk of paraplegia
  • Advances in (P)EVAR for elective and ruptured AAA and the management of type I endoleaks
  • How to prevent and to treat type II endoleaks - a never ending story
  • Special session on radiation safety and team training



  • Popliteal diseases
  • Hot topics on acute and chronic limb ischaemia
  • Vascular calcifications - impact on treatment and outcomes
  • Restenoses after open and endovascular recanalizations and complex primary peripheral lesions
  • Translational research of peripheral and carotid atherosclerosis
  • Periprocedural medication after (endo)vascular PAD therapy



  • Chronic iliac venous obstructions and insufficiency
  • Advances in open and endovascular varicose vein treatments
  • Long-term outcomes of current treatment modalities of primary varicosis
  • Update on recanalyzing therapy of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)



  • Technical Skills Revision Course
  • Kurs Interventionelle Radiologie zum Erwerb der Fachkunde
  • WS 1: Medtronic GmbH: Directional atherectomy and antirestenotic therapy (DAART)
  • WS 2: Cook Deutschland GmbH: Planning, saizing and deplyment of the Zenith fenestrated AAA graft demystified
  • WS 3: Education and training in major amputation techniques in vascular surgery
  • WS 4: How to organize an AAA screening programme
  • WS 5A/B: Mentice AB: Hands-on simulator training I + II
  • WS 6: Spectranetcis Deutschland GmbH: Atherectomy for calcified peripheral lesions - indications and techniques
  • WS 7: Bolton Medical: Interactive planning of arch endografts
  • WS 8: Optimed GmbH: Venous stents - a challenge for men and material
  • WS 9: Experimental vascular models and vascular biobanking
  • WS 10: Cruro-pedal bypass surgery - indications and techniques
  • WS 11: Carotid-artery stenting (CAS) step-by-step - how to implement a CAS programme - experiences of a pioneer
  • WS 12: Cardiovascular risk assessment in major (endo)vascular surgery
  • WS 13: C.R. Bard GmbH: Endovascular techniques for chronic lesions of the iliac veins
  • WS 14A/B: Vascutek GmbH: Fenestrated anaconda - where flexibility matters: Implimantation training I + II