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Workshops - Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Conference Room 1 (Workshops / Seminars)


Workshop 5 B MENTICE AB
Hands-on simulator training I
A procter led workshop with a focus on procedural technique and radiation safety
• Acute ischemic stroke management
• Carotid Artery Stenting (CAS)
• Cerebral intervention


L. Lönn, Denmark


Venous stents – a challenge for men and material
Content of this workshop
• Material science
• Stent characteristics
• Practical exercises on the vessel model


K. Kipp,
Clinical Specialist
Venous Therapies
H. Jalaie, Germany


Workshop 9
Experimental vascular models and vascular biobanking

Contents of this seminar
• Implementation of a vascular laboratory
• Which animal models are available
• Logistics of a vascular biobank


L. Maegdefessel, Germany
J. Pelisek, Germany


Workshop 10
Cruro-pedal bypass surgery – indications and techniques

Contents of this workshop:
• How to diagnose a patent distal artery
• How to get there easily
• Choice of the bypass material
• Completion of studies


A. Neufang, Germany


Workshop 11
Carotid-artery stenting (CAS) step-by-step – how to implement a CAS programme – experiences of a pioneer


K. Mathias, Germany


Workshop 12
Cardiovascular risk assessment in major (endo)vascular surgery

This seminar includes a talk on the predictive value of cardiopulmonary exercise testing before EVAR (J. Scott)
Further contents of this seminar are:
• Individualized cardiovascular assessment
• Which patients benefit from coronray angiography?
• How to assess the lung function


J. Scott, UK
T. Stadlbauer, Germany


Workshop 13 C. R. BARD GMBH
Endovascular techniques for chronic lesions of the iliac veins


H. Jalaie, Germany