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Thursday, December 1th

MCC 1 - Asymptomatic carotid stenosis I: update on randomized clinical trials
ACST-2 Update: Over 2300 asymptomatic patients randomised to CEA vs CAS – Progress towards our target of 3600 by 2019
- R. Bulbulia, UK

Current status of the European Carotid Surgery Trial 2 (ECST-2) - M. Brown, UK
Update on the North American RCTs CREST-2 and ACST-1 – will carotid artery stenting (CAS) survive as an alternative toBMT or CEA? - F. Veith, USA
Individual patient data meta-analyses of the immediate vs deferred CEA trials with 6000 asymptomatic patients from VA, ACAS and ACST-1 - A. Halliday, UK

MCC 2- Asymptomatic carotid stenosis II: medical therapy and natural history
Defining “Best Medical Therapy” for asymptomatic carotid disease: potential benefits and limitations - R. Bulbulia, UK
Clinical risk factors and plaque characteristics associated with new development of contralateral stenosis in patients undergoing CEA - S. Merckelbach, The Netherlands
Is the risk of stroke in asymptomatic carotid disease so low that risk stratification (including calcification) is meaningless?
- H. Sillesen, Denmark
The natural history of carotid occlusions - M. Brown UK
Debate: The stroke risk of asymptomatic carotid stenoses is neglectable under best medical treatment – any intervention is useless and potentially harmful
Pro: Yes, of course, the evidence from prospective registries is overwhelming, CEA and CAS are useless and potentially harmful for the patients! - A. Abbott, Australia
Contra: Nonsense, the incidence of carotid-related strokes is still very high with thousands of patients being asymptomatic before the stroke occurred! - C. Liapis, Greece

MCC 3 - Hot topics in carotid interventions (CEA)
Carotid surgery in octogenarian women? - T. Cohnert, Austria
Symptomatic carotid revascularization: the volume of cerebral ischemic lesion predicts the outcome - A. Stella, Italy
Influence of metabolic syndrome on the short and long-term outcome after CEA - C. Zeebregts, The Netherlands
Value of troponin measurements in carotid artery revascularization - G. de Borst, The Netherlands
The vertebral artery – a forgotten vessel - K. Mathias, Germany


MCC 4 - Carotid Stenosis Trialists Collaboration (CSTC) session
How does age and sex affect stroke and mortality rates? - L. Bonati, Switzerland
Critical comment: why randomised clinical trials do sometimes not keep the promise! - A. Abbott, Australia

MCC 5 - New technologies to assess hemodynamic insufficiency and to prevent CAS-related microembolism
DW-MRI new white lesions in carotid interventions – are they relevant and will membrane mesh carotid stents prevent microembolism? - S. MacDonald, USA
The use of transcarotid artery stenting for complex arch anatomy – single center series and one-year outcomes - N. Leal, Spain
Patients unsuited for CAS – the view of a CAS pioneer - K. Mathias, Germany

MCC 6 - Modern treatment of large artery ischemic strokes
Technological advances and perspectives in endovascular stroke treatment - T. Liebig, Germany

MCC 7 - Advances in carotid plaque imaging
Will 3D-Ultrasound be of use for risk stratification in carotid disease? - H. Sillesen, Denmark


MAC 1 - Computational fluid dynamics and Finite Element Analyses
Understanding arterial wall mechanics via constituent-based modelling and high resolution imaging - N. Stergiopulos, Switzerland
Vascular mechanobiology: growth and remodeling in the aorta in health and disease - C. Cyron, Germany
Contribution of mathematical models and biomechanical properties in predicting the risk of AAA rupture – the view of a vascular surgeon - N. Chakfe, France