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Saturday, December 3rd

Keynote Lecture
The evolution of stent designs for chronic iliac vein obstructions - S. Black, UK

VENOUS 1 - Chronic iliac venous obstructions and insufficiency
Early and mid-term single-center results after stenting of chronic iliac vein occlusions – what has changed and what has proved to be effective and safe? - H. Jalaie, Germany
The pelvic congestion syndrome – clinical manifestation, diagnostics and treatment options - J. Traber, Switzerland

VENOUS 2 - Advances in open and endovascular varicose vein treatments
Endovenous ablation of varicose veins – gentle, fast and safe. Which device should be used? - T. Weiler, Germany
Glue – the new star at the varicose sky? - E. Thierjung, Germany
Optimal indications for foam sclerotherapy - F. X. Breu, Germany
New minimal-invasive methods to treat recurrent varicose veins. Is Re-do surgery still necessary? - K. Hartmann, Germany
Varicose veins surgery – what is more important, the technique or the strategy? - A. Mansilha, Portugal

VENOUS 3 - Long-term outcomes of current treatment modalities of primary varicosis
The German stripping trial: long-term results of varicose vein surgery (LaVaCro-Multicenter-Trial)
- G. Papapostolou, Germany
Long-term results of a three-armed randomized trial comparing EVLT, open operative therapy and a hybrid approach – the German Laser trial
- I. Flessenkämper, Germany
100 ulcerated limbs treated with ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy after four years – is recurrence related to recanalisation? - J. Warne, UK

VENOUS 4 - Update on recanalyzing therapy of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Endovascular thrombectomy for acute iliofemoral DVT - M. Lichtenberg, Germany
The Aachen-Maastricht approach for the endovascular recanalization of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) - H. Jalaie, Germany
Is open surgery still an option for ilio-caval DVT - G. Heller, Switzerland
Are there still any valid indications for thrombophilia screening in DVT? - A. Mansilha, Portugal
Catheter directed lysis in pulmonary embolism – a vascular surgeon’s view (Sponsoring AB Medica – EKOS)
- R. Kolvenbach, Germany
Stenting of tumor-associated central venous obstructions – technique and results - J. Tessarek, Germany